Felmore Primary School "Believe it to achieve it!"
Whitmore Primary School and Nursery "Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together"
Merrylands Primary School and Nursery "Growth Through Learning"
Willows Primary School and Nursery "Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible"
Crays Hill Primary School "Learning, Safety and Respect For All"

Trust Key Performance Indicators 2016 - 2019

Governance KPIs

  1. All Members and Trustees fully understand their duties as company directors and charity trustees as laid out in the Companies Act 2006 and Charity Commission guidance as exemplified in a skills audit.
  2. All schools have a full complement for their Local Governing Bodies, with an appropriate set of skills and experiences to undertake their defined responsibilities.
  3. Leadership and management will be graded as outstanding in all schools within 2 years of joining the trust, or at the first section 5 inspection, whichever is soonest.

Financial KPIs

  1. Ensure economy, efficiency and effectiveness over the use of Trust funds (value for money).
  2. Zero red flags in annual audited accounts.
  3. Accounts filed with Companies house for public access and on the Trust website by 31 January of the following year
  4. Trust to submit audited financial statements, auditor’s management letter and accounts submission coversheet by 31 December to ESFA.
  5. All statutory returns submitted on time.
  6. Staffing percentage as a total budget (taking into account EHCP and SEN numbers) is no more than 82%.


Human Resources KPIs

  1. Staff attendance at least 95% in all schools (contextualised to allow for any unavoidable absence due to long term sickness or accident.)
  2. 80% of recently qualified teachers will be retained.
  3. 80% of outstanding teachers will be retained.
  4. Pupil to teacher ratios are favourable compared to national levels.
  5. Development opportunities made available to staff to work across schools in the MAT.


School Standards KPIs

  1. All MAT schools retain or improve their Ofsted inspection rating.
  2. Parent, staff and pupil survey data illustrates satisfaction.
  3. All schools are fully compliant with health and safety, safeguarding and other statutory requirements.
  4. All schools are either at full capacity or are increasing their capacity.
  5. Progress indicators substantially exceed national averages for all groups in all schools, indicating the high quality of provision.
  6. The percentage of teaching across the MAT that is good or outstanding is at least 90%.
  7. School attendance data higher than national average (contextualised) for all schools within 2 years of joining the Trust.


Trust Objectives 2016 - 2019

The Multi Academy Trust has clear strategic aims built on our mission and values.  Our three year corporate business plan sets out the following objectives to ensure that, as a Trust, all stakeholder groups understand and have belief in our approach.  We will deliver:

Corporate Governance:

This will be done through the provision of a Board of Directors that acts in the best interests of the Trust and governs lawfully in accordance with its Articles of Association.  The Directors will demonstrate clear governance arrangements and visionary leadership to enhance and embed effective working relationships.  The Board will ensure there are effective support structures in place to deliver: a clear oversight of the academy operations, appropriate support structures for sustainability and achieve the best possible economies.

School Improvement - Teaching & Learning:

This will be delivered through ensuring that our academies provide the very best teaching in order to promote and provide high quality learning for the pupils.  The Trust will put effective support in place for teachers to achieve this aim.

Continued Professional Development:

We will implement a CPD programme for our academies to ensure that the staff have the right skills to further raise standards, deliver consistently good teaching and learning and disseminate good practice to ensure rapid improvement.

Quality Assurance:

We will ensure that there is a rigorous and robust programme of Quality Assurance that helps to support teachers, build expertise and capacity and raise standards in the academies to deliver positive outcomes for pupils.

Integrated Support and Shared Services:

We will ensure that the Trust has business arrangements that are efficient, effective and enables it to deliver on its commitments.  We will include strategies to grow, prosper and deliver value for money across all operations.  We will strive to ensure the consistent delivery of best practice, minimisation of risk and also for management of resources to be concentrated to the front line of the academies.

Objectives 2017-18

The journey to deliver against the 3 year corporate objectives for the 2018 -19 focus (using the MDIF) is based on the following:

  • build Trust capacity to ensure effective school improvement

    To deliver school improvement in each school joining the Trust and focussing on:

      closing the attainment gap for disadvantaged pupils (maths)
    • spelling at KS1 and KS2
    • skills of learning
    •  Maths reasoning to increase greater depth and ensure progress of the most able
    • Year 3 – the continued progress from KS1
    • deliver school improvement in schools joining the Trust (supporting those joining that are underperforming)

    Full Corporate Business and Strategic Plan 2016-19

    Strategic Growth and Improvement Plan

Lisa Perry - Executive Assistant and GDPR Officer


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