Felmore Primary School "Believe it to achieve it!"
Whitmore Primary School and Nursery "Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together"
Merrylands Primary School and Nursery "Growth Through Learning"
Willows Primary School and Nursery "Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible"
Crays Hill Primary School "Learning, Safety and Respect For All"
Fairhouse Primary School "Respect and Success for All"
Cherry Tree Primary School and Nursery "Caring, Thriving, Preparing, Succeeding"

Join our MAT

Why would a successful school join Berlesduna?

Our current plans to grow the trust are focused on finding good or outstanding schools with similar values and principles to join us a strong partner.  We believe that schools joining in this way would reap many benefits from the collaboration and would also enhance the capacity of the trust.  This would not be a loss of control or status for heads or governors, but in fact an opportunity to take control at a critical time of change in the wider organisation of schools.  We would welcome a discussion with any school who might be interested in joining us.
Any school wishing to join the MAT can be fully supported through the legal process by our partners Winckworth Sherwood.

What will it mean to children and staff?

By contributing to the Trust, staff will find they develop in their professional skills.  By experiencing the support of the Executive Headteacher and other staff from across the Trust school improvement will continue or make more rapid progress (dependent upon the starting point).  This will impact children in providing quality first teaching and learning. Interaction and competitions with children from the other Trust schools will help your children see beyond their school gate.

From the day of conversion staff will be employed by Berlesduna Academy Trust and all the benefits available to them including being part of a strong network and staff development programme.  

Process, paperwork and some practical arrangements may change relatively quickly. It is vital for a clear understanding by leaders and directors that data, termly action plans etc. adopt of the Trust approach for example.  There will be a lot of support toward this provided.

There will be a bespoke agreed transition process for finance and HR to ensure a smooth and effective outcome.  There will always be a high level of support given to office staff.

If you are interested in exploring your school joining this multi-academy trust please contact the CEO  by email office@berlesduna.co.uk

Additional Information

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