Felmore Primary School "Believe it to achieve it!"
Whitmore Primary School and Nursery "Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together"
Merrylands Primary School and Nursery "Growth Through Learning"
Willows Primary School and Nursery "Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible"
Crays Hill Primary School "Learning, Safety and Respect For All"
Fairhouse Primary School "Respect and Success for All"
Cherry Tree Primary School and Nursery "Caring, Thriving, Preparing, Succeeding"

The Trust Pupil Voice

The Trust Pupil Voice gives the pupils the opportunity to share their views with both The Trust and the schools.  Made up of the Head Boy and Girl from each school, the Pupil Voice follow a self-developed Pupil Voice Charter, which forms their ethos and structure which themselves and future ambassadors will work by.  The ambassadors will represent their school and allow the pupils to share their views with the Trust and which will give them the opportunity to work together with pupils from the family of schools.  The purpose of the Trust’s Pupil Voice is:

  • to represent pupils’ views from the schools
  • to reach out to and work with, the schools, The Trust and beyond
  • to make one small idea part of one big decision for everyone and improve all of the schools within The Trust
  • to see everyone as equal and be democratic
  • to form an established pupil voice in each school, under The Trust

The Trust Pupil Voice meets half termly and will be joined by the Chief Executive Officer of The Trust.

Links to Our School Councils

Lisa Perry - Executive Assistant and GDPR Officer


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