Felmore Primary School "Believe it to achieve it!"
Whitmore Primary School and Nursery "Working Together, Achieving Together, Growing Together"
Merrylands Primary School and Nursery "Growth Through Learning"
Willows Primary School and Nursery "Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible"
Crays Hill Primary School "Learning, Safety and Respect For All"
Fairhouse Primary School "Respect and Success for All"
Cherry Tree Primary School and Nursery "Caring, Thriving, Preparing, Succeeding"

School Development


The ethos of the Trust Board is that best results will be achieved when each school’s Local Governing Body receives a level of responsibility and autonomy appropriate to its specific circumstances.  When a school is graded as ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, the level of support through day-to-day supervision by the Trust will be limited to those areas of agreed need and improvement.  It would be expected that the LGB will operate with maximum autonomy applied through the Trust’s scheme of Local Governing Body delegation.  It will be a requirement that schools graded in a category will be subject to close supervision of all aspects of governance, leadership, financial management and curriculum delivery through the CEO and Head of Finance and Operations.  The LGB will have restricted delegated powers.  It would be normal practice for members to be appointed by the Trust Board.

School Improvement Strategy

The aim is to support each of the schools to be judged by Ofsted as at least ‘Good’ with the capacity to become ‘Outstanding’.  Once per year, each of the schools will be subject to an Ofsted style review of its work involving the CEO and external consultants.  Formal reviews of each school’s progress towards agreed targets are presented to the respective Local Governing Body of each school on a regular (termly) basis and received by the Directors Board at least three times per year.  At a local level, governors from each of the schools within the Trust will play an active role in monitoring the quality of learning and teaching and outcomes for learners.  Through regular training across the schools within the Trust, governors will be supported to question and challenge information presented to them; gaining the level of awareness and understanding that will enable them to accurately judge the school’s capacity for further improvement.  The monitoring process will continuously inform self-evaluation and planning within each of the schools.

These will include:

  • tracking of learner progress and planned interventions to support each learner’s success
  • analysis of attendance and punctuality (with a consistent strategy agreed across all of our schools to reduce persistent absence)
  • analysis of data relating to learners’ behaviour and safety
  • scrutiny of learners’ work
  • analysis of standards of learning and teaching (including moderated lesson observations to ensure consistent judgements about standards across all of our schools)
  • learning walks involving senior and middle leaders and governors
  • evidence that professional development programmes are directly linked to the outcomes of lesson observations and appraisal objectives
  • detailed analysis of outcomes for learners
  • consultation with pupils, staff and parents across the schools and partners across the wider community (this will be done through formally constituted groups, focus groups and surveys arranged throughout the year)

An integrated approach will be undertaken alongside the academy, taking full account of their own self-evaluation and identified priorities.  We will also establish the Trust’s own areas of strength and expertise that can be shared across the Trust.

Lisa Perry - Executive Assistant and GDPR Officer


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